I am so happy I decided to be taught by Dr. Miller in voice. I've been through several voice teachers throughout my life but none of them have shaped and improved my voice the way she did. She is serious about her work but very sweet and personal as well. When she complimented the way I sang a song I was so excited because I knew I really did well. But I also learned from her that even if you can do something well, there is always room for improvement and the ability to make it better. I really liked how she works a lot on the mechanics of the voice first. You can't sing well if you don't have those down first, they are the foundation of the voice. My friends and family definitely noticed a change of strength in my voice after I started working with her, as did I. I am much more confident now in my voice thanks to Dr. Miller and I hope to continue singing all of my life with the lessons she has taught me. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher Dr. Miller!!

-Nicole Sauter

I began with Dr. Miller when I was a freshmen knowing my love for singing, but unsure how to properly grow. After working hard with Dr. Miller I have accomplished so much with various competitions, auditions, as well as a boost in confidence. Her well rounded knowledge with Classical, as well as Musical Theatre helped to shape my voice today. Dr. Miller is an intelligent, kind and caring person who is dedicated to helping her students and harvesting their individual talents.


I had the privilege of working with Maureen Miller when she sang as Mezzo substitute at Smithfield United Church of Christ where I am Director of music/organist. Maureen sang as part of our Quartet, as alto section leader in the Choir and as a soloist... all on the same Sunday! Her work is most fine: wonderful sense of ensemble, superb musicianship, gorgeous vocal production and a deeply moving spiritual presence. I would recommend her unreservedly.

-Jim Varner