Teaching voice is truly an art. Each student becomes a new creation of sound, beauty, and purpose. Singing provides food for the soul of both the singer and listener. Thus, the more beautiful the singer's voice becomes the more it can feed itself and others. Every person contains the capacity to sing but only a few truly develop the gift to its fullness. It is the goal of every good teacher to take her/his student to that point and beyond.

I consider myself a very demanding instructor who expects the best from her students, who hopes to raise their level of thinking and artistic performance through diligent work, positive thinking, and educated practice. I work continually to find more creative methods for solving individual technical problems and obstacles to creating a beautiful sound.

But there is so much more to this art. A truly good teacher will "teach the singer," not just the voice - the entire package of voice, personality, and emotional well being. I encourage my students to become thoughtful and engaging singers and artists who can reach out to others with their gift. Part of accomplishing this is through a pragmatic approach to voice building as well as recognizing the difference between the "thinkers" and the "feelers," those who will respond better to mechanistic approaches and those who will thrive more on imagery.

Students who come to me will get the basics of singing technique including posture, breath management, vocal freedom, range development, resonance, registration balance, and fundamentals of good diction. In addition we will work on musicianship and interpretative skills as we develop a body of repertoire best suited to that student's need and interest.

More specifically we will work toward a preference of bright, vibrant tones, in the mask placement, and the use of appoggio, an amalgamation of the breathing and resonance systems used in singing. In addition, the use of hand motions, choreography, or eurhythmics is possible in working for vocal freedom and learning to sing beautiful phrases. Suitable vocal repertoire will be chosen according to the singer's voice type, range, timbre, and level of skill. Finally, there is an emphasis on developing good vocal health through the pursuit of healthy lifestyles and responsible attitudes.

Taking the student/singer from where he/she is to where he/she wants to be is my main goal. All lessons are tailored around the student's practical needs be it auditioning for a university music school, the school musical, or singing in church. Positive thinking and feedback, insightful instruction, and eclecticism all join to find and develop the beautiful singer who is within you!